Whipping Boy - Heartworm [Vinyl]

Since its release in 1995, the second album by Whipping Boy has, slowly but undeniably, come to be regarded as one of the most extraordinary rock albums of its age.Heartwormheralded a dramatic transformation for the Dublin quartet, who jettisoned the diaphanous dreampop of their 1992 debutSubmarine; choosing instead to honour Fearghal McKee’s wounded confessionals with unprecedented pugnacity and a new emphasis on melody. In the year that Britpop became a rolling news story,Heartworm slipped out under the radar – although similarly against-the-grain contemporaneous releases include Manic Street Preachers’The Holy Bible and Radiohead’sThe Bends. This reissue on Needle Mythology Records has been remastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road and has been pressed at Vinyl Factory. It features an extra album of previously rare and unreleased music and comprehensive liner notes by esteemed Irish music journalist Colm O’Callaghan. 

  • 2LP deluxe reissue of the 1995 albumHeartworm, featuring the singles ‘When We Were Young’, ‘We Don’t Need Nobody Else’ and ‘Twinkle’
  • Includes additional 10-track collection of b-sides previously unreleased demos
  • Remastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios in London 
  • Pressed on 180 gram black vinyl at The Vinyl Factory in London
  • Gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves featuring lyrics and new liner notes

Vinyl Tracklist

LP 1- Heartworm

Side 1

  1. Twinkle
  2. When We Were Young
  3. Tripped
  4. The Honeymoon Is Over
  5. We Don’t Need Nobody Else

Side 2

  1. Blinded
  2. Personality
  3. Users
  4. Fiction
  5. Morning Rise

LP 2 – B-Sides And Demos 

Side 1

  1. When We Were Young (Philo Version)
  2. I Am God (previously unreleased demo)
  3. Magnolia(previously unreleased demo)
  4. Caroline Says II
  5. Tripped (Live)

Side 2

  1. We Don’t Need Nobody Else (Acoustic Version)
  2. Disappointed
  3. Twinkle (Acoustic Version)
  4. As The Day Goes 
  5. A Natural