Squarehead - High Time

Transparent Blue Vinyl, proudly pressed by Dublin Vinyl

'High Time' indeed. It had been 6 long years since Squarehead released their last album 'Respect'. After releasing 3 records in 3 years - along with constant touring - the band took a much-needed mental health break. Although the guys were still rehearsing (and making the odd festival appearance here and there) they never considered what they were crafting for the last few years as a 'comeback' album. But here we are. High Time finds the lads in a more mature mood compared to the album-a-year cycle they were caught up in before.

This collection of songs has been road-tested, and anything that didn't feel like it belonged was scrapped over the course of lengthy recording sessions, with producer Lesley Keye ('Respect') once again at the helm. Another familiar face is keyboardist Ruadhan O'Meara of Magic Pockets/No Spill Blood, who lends his synthetic layering to the tracks. While the album reflects the personal growth of the band, the sound is still steeped in the alternative rock pop world from where they came.

The band couldn't have been happier to be working with Strange Brew records on the release. Founder Gugai MacNamara had been a long-time champion of the band, and he gave Squarehead the drive to keep going during a tough stage. Times had changed, but it was 'High Time' for another dip in the cooling waters of the Squarehead sound.

Originally released September 27, 2019