Christy Dignam - The Man Who Stayed Alive [Limited Edition Vinyl + Digital Download + Signed Card Bundle]

'The Man Who Stayed Alive'

- a legacy solo album by Christy Dignam

 180g Heavyweight Black Vinyl + Signed Card + Digital Download

For more than three decades, Christy Dignam and his band Aslan have shared dizzy highs, crushing lows
 and several near-death experiences to emerge as one of Ireland’s best-loved entertainers. It was during the Pandemic of 2020 that Christy reached out to his friend Don Mescall
 (songwriter / producer) and started discussing the possibility of recording a legacy solo album.
 Don had previously worked with Aslan as the writer of the number one song ‘Too Late for Hallelujah’
 and the top five single ‘Catch Your Fall’. It was from Christy’s long established and often turbulent career that
 Don drew inspiration from for the creation of these songs.

Together, Christy and Don with the help of former MD of EMI Ireland, Willie Kavanagh started
 putting together a collection of songs that personally expressed where Christy felt he was in his life.
 The album was written and recorded predominantly at Don’s ‘Quivvy Church Studio’ in Cavan,
 but quite a few of the vocals were recorded in Christy’s kitchen at his home in Dublin, when he
was well enough to record in between chemotherapy sessions which
he is currently receiving for a terminal illness.


Side A:

  1. Prelude
  2. The Man Who Stayed Alive
  3. High
  4. What If Tonight
  5. I Can’t Imagine
  6. Hazy Sunshine

 Side B:

  1. Lucky Star
  2. Shame The Devil
  3. So Long, Marianne
  4. Song For Kathryn
  5. I Feel Alive