Emperor of Icecream "No Sound Ever Dies" - CD

Emperor of Icecream are John ‘Haggis’ Hegarty (vocals), Graham Finn (guitar), Edward Butt (bass), Colum Young (drums). 

Formed in Cork in 1992 the band were spotted relatively early, moved to London and began building a following in the UK - releasing three well-received EPs and touring regularly (with The Manic Street Preachers among others) - until music industry politics got in the way and they were suddenly and unexpectedly dropped from their label and broke up. The brief brush with fame did not deter the band members, who have all continued careers in the music and creative industries. 

A retrospective article in the Irish Examiner during the 2020 lockdown injected renewed interest in a long-lost band missed by fans, and offered them a fresh chance to dust off some unreleased demos. 

25 years after their break up, the band are now releasing their long-awaited debut albumNo Sound Ever Dies available here on vinyl, tape and CD.