Anna Mieke - Idle Mind [Vinyl]

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Includes Lyric Insert

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Black Vinyl

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Anna Mieke is the musical project of Anna-Mieke Bishop, a songwriter from county Wicklow, Ireland. She performs with Matthew Jacobson (of contemporary jazz ensemble Insufficient Funs; percussion), Ryan Hargadon (saxophone and synth),

and Brían Mac Gloinn (Ye Vagabonds; Indian harmonium and fiddle). Anna Mieke independently released her debut album Idle Mind in April 2019.
Rooted in folk, the ten tracks on the record philosophise on place, age, belonging and various societal misalignments.

“Idle Mind is a record that proves Anna Mieke to be one of the most promising artists on the Irish independent
sphere and mature musician and songwriter whose work deserves to be heard far and wide.”
The Thin Air

“It’s  a strikingly confident collection of 10 songs, full of blue sky thinking and wide open horizons...
A deliriously renewable energy source.”
Siobhán Long, The Irish Times, ★★★★


1. Parallel
2. Keep It Whole
3. Warped Window
4. Idle Mind
5. Creature
6. Aurillac
7. Mountain Song
8. Arbour
9. If
10. Epitaph