Apella - 1963


In aid of The Marie Keating, proudly supported by Dublin Vinyl, Mission PR, Custom Built Ireland and Natalie Keville Design.



The wait is over: Apella’s much anticipated debut album "1963" is out now. Pre-orders for the physical release are NOW AVAILABLE. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this album are going directly to The Marie Keating Foundation specifically to help fund the outstanding support services they provide to women affected by Breast Cancer. “Point of View” the brand new single from Apella is out now.
Thoughtfully named after the birth year of his mother, "1963" is an incredibly personal record from frontman Dara Quilty, who has teamed up with The Marie Keating Foundation, an Irish cancer charity committed to making cancer less frightening by enlightening through education and support.
Speaking of the album Dara Quilty said:

"Releasing this album doesn’t scare me in the way that I thought it would. I am more daunted by the vulnerability of opening up about it but not opening up contradicts what I stand for. My Mother lives with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. We live & fight together. Cancer has been part of my life for 10 years and I have learned a lot. The biggest learning being that outside of science; support matters more than anything.


1963' is for the woman who faces diagnosis today, for the woman who is sitting in that chemotherapy chair for the first time today, for the woman who has just reached her 5 years remission today and all in-between. At every single point, even when the doctors give you positive news, you’re not obliged to feel okay and relieved. Help is available, please use it.


This is about strength. This is not a personal call for sympathy. I’m no victim here nor am I an expert in life; everyone's experience is unique and different. I believe we can choose to adjust and adapt to change or circumstance and most importantly we can choose to reach out for help when we need it. We cannot control every situation but we can control what we do with what we are presented with.”

100% of the proceeds from this album purchased here will go directly to The Marie Keating Foundation’s Positive Living support group, Survive and Thrive programme, BRCA awareness and support programme and School’s Cancer Awareness Programme.

Everyone who pre-orders a limited edition white vinyl or CD of the this album is entered into a draw to win this exclusive Custom Built Ireland RQ 1963 guitar designed by Dara Quilty.

Custom Guitar 

Fresh off the back of their radio chart topping single “Point of View” and brand new single "Buried You" “1963" is a juxtaposition of rhythmically crafted chaos delivered by drummer Ronan Nolan and impeccable talent of singer/songwriter and producer Dara Quilty.
“1963” –  Tracklisting:

  1. We Met at a Party

  2. Buried You

  3. City Limits

  4. Graceful Dancer

  5. New Things Get Old

  6. Shadows of My Personality

  7. Crossfire

  8. Logic

  9. Deja You

  10. Ferris Wheels

  11. Little Bit Less
  12. Point of View

Proudly supported by:
Dublin Vinyl, Mission PR, Custom Built Ireland and Natalie Keville Design.
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About Apella:
Formed in Dublin in 2016, Apella burst onto the scene with their radio hit “We Met At A Party” and furthered their success with “Graceful Dancer”, “Logic”, “City Limits” and most recently the soaring strings and vocals on “Point Of View” have topped Irish radio charts.
After touring all over the country - opening for Twenty One Pilots, appearing at all major Irish music festivals including Electric Picnic, Indiependence, Castlepalooza and Sea Sessions - accompanied by UK tours with Keywest and Don Broco, frontman and singer Dara Quilty moved to New York City to work further on his music career. This period saw him playing in venues like Rockwood Music Hall, Bitter End, Pete’s Candy Store and many more in New York City. The Pandemic brought the music industry to a tragic halt with Dara Quilty completing his work on the album at Empire Underground Studios in Brooklyn, NY.